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One Montgomery Green chooses Green Map

One Montgomery Green Map

One Montgomery Green (OMG) is an active partner in the international Green MapĀ® System (GMS). The GMS universal iconography is its signature tool to share green living, ecological, social and cultural resources. More than 950 projects have engaged with GMS, each bringing local knowledge and leadership to the task of capturing the information in its locale. 32,000+ sites worldwide have been entered on the interactive Open Green Map.

Green Map System has promoted inclusive participation in sustainable community development around the world since 1995, using mapmaking as our medium. Over 900 locally-led map projects have successfully published more than 550 local Green Maps, used by millions to connect with green living, nature, social and cultural resources near home and while traveling. Each unique map utilizes Green MapĀ® Icons to highlight both positive and challenging sites. Project profiles, mapmaking resources, our history and much more about Green Map System and our award-winning iconography is at GreenMap.org.

Open Green Map, is an interactive mapmaking tool that helps people worldwide quickly share their own selection of sustainability sites, pathways and resources online.